The World’s Perception about Christ

In this world, there are various denominations that exist. Each church denomination has a different belief that causes conflicts and clashes. Because of this, numerous people are wandering in their life of faith being confused about what to believe. That is why many people who claim to be Christians are contented with the fact that they believe in God.

However, what does the Bible teach us? Did the Bible mentioned that faith is enough? Faith which Christians nowadays think is very different from what is written in the Bible.

Crucifixion of Christ

According to the Bible, “Faith without deeds or action is dead.” It means that without taking any action, our faith is meaningless. You can actually read a lot of God’s teachings and commandments in the Bible. Do you think you are obeying those teachings?

Though many people claim to believe in God, there are still some who cannot believe God’s existence. Especially, the Bible already mentioned about God’s coming in the flesh. How do people react about this matter? Can you believe that God can come as a man?

Christians believe that God is Almighty and the Creator. If so, they must believe that it is very easy for God to come in human likeness. Those people who claim to be Christians must know and understand the very reason they call themselves as Christians. Actually, the word “Christian” means “followers of Christ“.

What about the word “Christ“? As you know, Jesus is called as Christ. Have you ever thought about the reason?