Pagan Customs in Christian Religions

I was shocked to see the history that happened in the early church. I am trembling in fear knowing that the commandments of Christian nowadays are totally different from what I have kept in my church.

Is Christmas really a teaching of Christ?

According to Christian doctrines, Christmas first originated in Rome and it was celebrated around 4th century. If so, this was not celebrated by the disciples of Jesus because the last disciples died around 2nd century. There is no trace that the disciples had kept this celebration. This feast originated from sun-worship in Persia and in Rome.

Is Sunday really the worship day?

Maybe the teaching about Sunday Service was well known to Christian leaders but they just ignore it. According to Bible History, there is no trace that the disciples of Jesus kept Sunday Service. It is because Sunday worship originated from sun-worship of Persia. Accordingly, what was kept instead of Sunday was Saturday. Then does it mean that present-day Christians are pagans?

Are Cross and Statues or any images revered?

Seeing the history, there was no trace of worshiping such because these all originated from the Roman Catholic Churches and was passed down to this generations. This is why some Christian Denominations do not have these because they are aware that these are an insult to God and Christianity.

Easter Sunday is a pagan custom?

The Catholic and Anglican Churches proclaim Sunday as the Easter Sunday and that they celebrate this day with egg? Why egg? Is there such eating  of egg done in the early days of Christianity?