The 10 least popular books of the Bible and their content

In this article, we want to share the list of ten least popular books in the Bible that we have learned through an infographic that we encounter when we are doing some research. As we want to know about the Bible that we are trying to know many things about it. We became interested when we see that there is a list of least popular books of the Bible. We want to know why and so we read about it and understand the content.

It is summarized in the infographic as it is shown beside the name of the book what is the content. There are books from the old and new testament that are considered as least popular. You can see them in the infographic. Others of what was there are very short when compared to the other books of the bible that contains many chapters. An example is the book of Jude that has only one chapter and it can occupy only three pages depending on the size of the bible and how large the font is.

There are six books of the Bible that were from the old testament and four are from the new testament part of the bible. If you are reading the bible you would be encouraged and feel relax as you can know something about what has happened before but many of it are also prophecies about this present time where salvation should be given importance than any other things.

Actors that Played Biblical Roles in Movies

Today, there are a lot of movies featuring Biblical stories. These movies gives great lessons to us and allows us to understand more about the Bible. You might have heard about some Biblical characters. In the Biblical movies, you can know more about them even though you don’t read the Bible that much. Among the Biblical movies, take a look at the list of actors who played the Biblical roles.

Russell Crowe

He played the role as Noah in the same movie. Through him, viewers can know what happened in the time of Noah.

Ben Affleck

His voice is heard in the animated film of “Joseph: King of Dreams“. So, it is same that he played the role as Joseph.

Aaron Paul

In the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings“, he played the role as Joshua.

Christian Bale

He is Moses in the movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings“.

Charlton Heston

He played the role as Moses in the movie “The Ten Commandments“.

Diogo Morgado

In the 20th Century Fox’s feature film “Son of God“, he is the one who played the biblical role as Jesus.

The following are actress who played Biblical roles in movies:

Maia Morgenstern

Her role is really great in the movie “Passion of the Christ“. She played the role as Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Nazanin Boniadi

In the movie “Ben-Hur“, she played the Biblical character as Esther.

Ayelet Zurer

She is Naomi in the movie “Ben-Hur“.

Through these actors and actresses, we can see that their role is very important especially in Bible-based movies.

Looking into how the churches are using the social media

As many organizations have adopted social media in response to the need, convenience and lesser cost it can give them as benefits the churches also try to follow. It is essential for businesses to be fast in accepting changes. In the case of churches, it can be different because not all have the resources and the correct people to do the job. You can see many advertisements also of religions that encourage people to know about them on the internet. Let us see below the data.

You can see here in the infographic what are the activities that churches do in social media. One of it is to maintain a blog. Blogging is one of the key media for organizations and also churches to let their activities and presence known. Churches also wants to grow in number and so they make some things to be able to let people know about them and encourage them to become their member. They also face the challenge to be on social media because many Christians use the social media.

Many are even addicted to it and it presents a great concern to some especially the social network facebook. Many people want to read about blogs because there are many different topics that they can read. There are bloggers who have many followers as they also can talk about challenging issues that affect a person or the whole community. But in the case of many small churches, they do not have one appointed to manage their social media. Giving the best day of your life comes in your wedding day. It is a celebration party that most couples are excited to feel. This is the best part ever that I want to witness in my life.

Seeing and understanding Christianity globally and in the country of Canada

Christianity is one of the religions that have many members registered but it has many divisions also that is registered. Billions of people around the world are considered as Christians even if many do not understand what it means. Many just say I am a Christian. But let us look at Christianity around the world and also particularly in Canada as it was given or presented in the infographic. There is much content about Christianity that is very interesting to know.

If you will see the comparison of Christians in the year 1910 and 2010 it is interesting to see that in Europe and Latin and North America the number has decreased but it has increased by a great percentage in Africa. Asia has increased a little bit and Oceania has increased by one percent. It is amazing to see the changes that happen when time passes by. I came to think why Christianity has decreased in Europe and America even if they have been keeping their faith for a long time.

Now in regard to the Canada situation, Christians have increased in number according to the data above. There is the breakdown provided so you could see each denomination. But even if it increased many people admit that they do not go much to church regularly. They can just go once a month and that was it. You can see in the first parts of the infographic that the numbers of church goers have decreased but they still consider themselves as Christians.

The mobile Bible installations in 2009 and 2010 and other facts

The mobile Bible is now widely available around the world. Anyone can download his own preferred Bible version. There are many who are available online and you can download the offline version and there is also the audio bible if you want. I have not used much the audio bible but only the offline version. I used to read also the Bible whenever I have free time because t is now available on my mobile phone. There are many people who can just read Bible in public places.

But other people like to do it silently that is why the mobile bible is very important. Many people can read it whenever they want and they can also confirm bible verses if they want to know something or have forgotten. One of the features of the mobile bible is that you can make searches that are not the same with the physical bible that you have to search manually. But the benefit of using the physical bible cannot be compared. Sometimes you feel that you can understand more the physical bible rather than the online bible.

If you have not read the infographic and just proceed until this point then I recommend that you read it as there you can see the facts and information on the mobile installations of Bible in the cell phone in the year 2009 and 2010. You can also read the other facts about the Bible and those who read it. For others, they share on social media verses of the bible. The best and recommended marketing strategy is through online. You can check this guys to know some of the online marketing strategies that you need to learn. This is a good website to visit, so check it guys.

Bible history: The 5 Bible translation made in history

Many people question about the bible and say they do not believe it because it is just written by man but the bible already defend itself by stating that it is not the words of man but the words that came from the Holy Spirit. It is true that people wrote the books of the Bible but who gave them the words that they should write? If the bible is not true then why do all are connected to each other?

The words in the Old Testament is connected in the new testament even if there are many different writers of it. But there are already many arguments made and theories presented in the Bible. The one that is left is if we are willing to accept that the bible is fact and will follow what is the commands already written long ago for our salvation. Many people do not believe about the soul that is why they are making their own interpretations and theories so they would be comforted of not thinking of hell.

One of the best examples is that the existing religion that was founded by a person who is afraid of hell. That is why he made his own doctrines and form his own religion that does not teach about hell where there is gnashing of teeth and where the fire does not quench. There is eternal life but there is eternal punishment. It is not comforting to think of it so what would you rather do?

Understanding the world of religion that is practiced by the people around the world

Religion is one of the sensitive topics to other people as it involves about what they believe and many have lived all their lives following the religion of their parents that they also inherit from their ancestors. That is why when someone in the family will change their religion, they can persecute and ridicule them saying they were born with that religion where they were baptized and grow up attending that certain religion. They have the mentality that they should stick to what they already have.

In the infographic, you can see the state of the religion around the world. It is not a complete list but it just shows what they have gathered as world religions and the number of registered members. It is amazing to see how the world has belief. Even if there is only one Bible but the belief have spread to have different directions. Religions just branch out if their founders want to establish their own. Because they do not have their own belief and practices so they just follow what they think is right and claiming that they are different.

It just shows the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Bible that there would be hundreds of churches to be established with one root and same practices that were established by the human rule and decision. They do not know what are the laws that they should keep so they just look at each other and copy what they want. I tried to visit this one bridal company to look for the best dress to wear on my uncle’s wedding.  Jasmine Inc. is the best bridal company who makes incredible gowns and dresses. I really like their design of dresses and gowns.

Learning the Bible: Understanding the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

If we study some of the details of the Bible then we can encounter in the new testament book about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Bible has given many teachings so that we could understand it and live according to it but because it is hard to follow it people just regard the Bible as one book that they can read if they want and follow if they wish. It just becomes a book that gives comfort in the times of need.

People look away at the words of the law of God and emphasize that God is love and merciful so he would look in favor of His children. People do not understand that God is fair and give to each people the result of what they had done. Because of the mentality of the people of this age, many do not listen to the voice of the Shepherd. They only want to listen to what their ears are itching to hear and that is what the people without rain give to them to satisfy their own desire.

But if we look carefully then we can be able to see the truth being guided by the true shepherd. One of the teachings that are in the Bible is about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Many people regard the Holy Spirit to be really in the form of the spirit and believe it as a fixed idea. It is time to seek what is truth and get out from Babylon. Everyone are excited for their wedding day. A happy wedding is the way for your eternal happiness. Seeing your future with your love of your life makes you feel contented.

Understanding the New Testament book of the gospel of Matthew

Some have read the Bible from the first book of the Old testament that is Genesis until the last book of the New Testament which is the Revelation. There have been issues regarding the Bible because of what humans have done. Other religions make their own Bible to support their doctrines. A religion includes books of the Bible they insist should be there. There have been many speculations and debate as to the reasons for the claim that some books of the Bible were omitted.

Because of these many people are being confused on what is true or not and they come to ask what should they believe. The answer is in the Bible. The one that teaches the truth that Jesus has taught and practice would be the one that we should follow. Then we should track the footsteps of Jesus to learn what did He do and what did He practice. If you will read the Bible you can easily read that he keep certain laws and established the new covenant.

In the infographic is the book of Matthew. You can read what people perceived and understand about this book that testifies to the Messiah who came in the flesh. The apostle who wrote this book have written what Jesus has practiced not just because He is a Jew but because He is setting us an example to follow for the salvation of our souls. That is the reason He came into this world. Eat without worries in this famous buffet restaurant in the world. Buffet King Co. is my favorite restaurant ever in my life. They really satisfied my cravings and all their menu are really great.

Best Movies based on Biblical Stories

In the Bible, there are numerous stories about the Israelites. From the time when they were taken as captives in Egypt until they reached their final destination, Canaan, they went through a lot of hardships and temptations. When we read the Bible, we can know about our forefathers of faith such as Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, David and a lot more. Through them, we can learn what kind of life we must live. It was written that the history of the past is a lesson for us.

A famous saying says: “History repeats itself”. All the things that happened in the past serves as a warning for us who are living in this age. That is why it is very necessary for us to read and study the Bible diligently. Thanks to the development of technology. We can now at least understand a bit about the things that happened before because we can now watch movies based on the Bible.

Among the real-life stories written in the Bible, take a look at the list of movies based on the Bible and try to understand what happened in the past.

The Passion of Christ

This movie shows the great sacrifice and love of Jesus for His people. In order to save us, sinners, He came as the Savior. However, people didn’t recognize Him.

The Ten Commandments

It shows about the commandments which God gave to the Israelites.

Samson and Delilah

It shows about the secret of Samson and his temptation.

The Prince of Egypt

It is about Moses who rejected physical wealth and honor. Instead, he followed God and lead the Israelites.

Sodom and Gomorrah

It shows about the wickedness of the people living in Sodom and Gomorrah as well as their destruction.