A Life with Faith

Numerous people think of having a religion just because other’s have.

However, religion is not the basis whether we have faith or not. A life with faith may come in two ways. Obey the teachings of a Christ and put into practice what is said in the Bible. The Bible is the basis to grow faith, not a religion. Religion is just a place where you can hear the words of people but their words might be different from what the Bible says. So the real foundation of faith is looking into the truth among so many churches or religions. In fact, numerous Christians claim to be Christians but only few put into practice the words of Christ. This is why it is hard to accept if certain people are really Christians or not because of their actions.

Of course, following what is written in the Bible is an evidence that we really have faith. How does faith lead us in our life? Did you know that those who have faith give all thanks in everything they encounter in their life? Failures or success, they regard it as part of their life. For those who have  faith, they know how to choose the right thing from bad thing. However, our life is not always leading to success even if we do good in everyday life. This is not what the Bible teaches. We have to experience trials in order to be tested how deep our faith is. Many says that when reading the Bible, they can feel that their problems of burdens disappear. This means a life with faith is such a benefit to us.